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Walls and Ceilings

Being used to the old design such as colored walls associated with white or neutral ceilings will definitely make you want to change the interior to a new design. Our team can help you make your dreams come true. A new trend is making its way, namely the reversal of the traditional way of painting the walls of a room: colored ceiling and white walls or even colored ceiling and even colored walls, helping to transform the interior into an unrecognizable one! The ceiling is accentuated to recover the place it deserves, going from a simple ceiling to a real so-called "fifth wall", the room will have a completely new look: if you want to make a radical change in your home, painting or modifying the ceiling could be a great solution. You don't have to think about painting the entire ceiling, for example: delimiting a certain space with a colored portion is a great way to isolate a part of the room depending on the atmosphere you want to give. An example would be the kitchen corner, an office, the sleeping area or even the entrance: the color of the ceiling will help separate the spaces and delimit their function. The perception of space with a colored ceiling: If you choose to paint the ceiling in a dark color, the effect you will get will be a lowering of the room and a consequent increase in the perimeter; therefore if the space you have available is particularly small, you should choose to darken the ceiling to remove the walls. This would be an ideal solution for a bedroom for children or adults, as well as to simulate the effect of the sky on the ceiling.

To give the effect of a high ceiling, we recommend using lighter and softer shades, which in turn will raise the level of the room. In this case the less positive side is that the width of the room will be reduced accordingly. A more special and innovative solution is to add a 40 cm high perimeter strip, in the same tone as the ceiling: this will create a very comfortable and dynamic "cap" effect. Another possibility is to combine the color of the ceiling with that of the floor: a special dialogue that creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Whether it's by analogy or contrast, metaphorically speaking the ceiling and the floor look at each other and surround us it's just a matter of choosing how to relate them. If you decide to paint the other four walls of the room with the same shade of the ceiling, you will get a separate micro environment from the rest of the house. One of the solutions we can offer is the decorated and colored ceiling: color, in fact, is able to refresh ceiling decorations and create a wonderful combination of old and modern. If you have a very long corridor at the entrance to your house, you can color the wall at the end of the corridor and part of the ceiling: for optical effect, the corridor will be much shorter for you and your guests or vice versa, therefore from a short corridor see get an optical illusion of a long corridor.

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